Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Print Ad - `59 Chevy Nomad Wagon

Over the years I've received emails from people saying they have or have seen `59 Nomad wagons; some of the folks don't believe they existed, while others have examples in their possession. Most people are familiar with the most famous two-door Nomads built between 1955 and 1957, but have no idea what happened to the model after that time.

Well I'm here to tell you they did exist. In 1958 the Nomad was continued as a four-door wagon at the top end of the trim level equal to the newly introduced Impala. The 1959 Chevrolet Nomad was Model 1735 with a six-cylinder and 1835 with a V8. In place of the I-M-P-A-L-A letters on the side there stood N-O-M-A-D instead - as evidenced by the photo above sent by Duane Doerre. It was the most expensive model for the year, with a price of $3009 that was higher than even the Impala convertible ($2967). The Nomad was highly optioned like the Impala in the way that a Cadillac Escalade can be considered a highly optioned GMC Denali.

In this add you will see the Nomad in paint code 905-A Highland Green. Crossed flags on the hood mark a 348 powered car (not surprising for a high-end wagon). It's also sporting the "California one-piece" front bumper and chrome trim behind the spears along the tops of the front fenders. As a higher end model, it would also have more brightwork along the lower half of the dashboard, and as a Nomad it would have more chrome around the door pillars.

The Brookwood in the lower part of the ad - a Biscayne trimmed two-door wagon now heavily sought after by classic car enthusiasts - is shown in two-tone color code 973 (Roman Red and Snowcrest White). The Bel Air level Parkwood is Harbor Blue code 912-A with "dog dish" hub caps. The Kingswood wagon with Impala level trim is shown in two-tone color code 963 (Crown Sapphire and Snowcrest White).


  1. Yep, they exist alright. I owned one for a year or so! Such was the confusion that I even had people arguing with me at the gas station that there was no such thing as a 4-door Nomad. Wish I had that car back, but it needed too much love!

  2. 59 nomads show up from time to time

    My 59 nomad is based on a 2door wagon trimmed out like a nomad sports bucket seats from a 64 ss along with the auto console
    the side emblems say nomad in place of the cross flag impala emblem I used the rare 61 ss ones making mine a nomad ss
    I bought my wagon in 1976 in texas as my first car as the second owner i plan on owning it forever

    one small note kingswood and parkwoods share trim with the belair car line


  3. My parents owned a '59 Nomad four door. I recall it was a two toned silver/blue color and I believe it might have had a 409ci power plant because it really flew when the gas was pressed. I thought it was the best car in the neighborhood but Dad thought otherwise as it was in the shop quite a bit. They traded it in for a 1965 Bel Air sedan with a straight six. This was the car I learned to drive on. The BelAir had a three speed automatic and I tore that tranny to shreds while in high school trying to burn rubber (only worked when I had the car on a pile of wet leaves and floored it). Oh, well...anyway, the '59 Nomad did indeed exist and it was quite a machine.

  4. yes they do exist,i owened one about 8 yrs ago with a 348 sold it for 200 dollers,just bought anotheryesterday for 2000 so just looking for info on it and i ran across this sight,thanks lance in calif

  5. yes they do, i have one i want to sell, not bad at all, i will have more info tomorror,

  6. yes they do i am the proud owner of a perfect nomad with every option chevy offered and is all still intact and operating flawlessly ive been building classics for 17 years now and i havent seen another nomad in near as good of shape allways run into brookwoods or belairs but once you have one you really get the sense of owning something special real american steel

  7. YES, there are a few out there! I have a 1958 4 door Nomad ! Can't be more excited !We are looking for one last piece of SS trim ! It is the small cap that holds the 3 trim pieces of rain guard on roof, on passenger side. We are so close !Words can not describe ! No one believes that they really do exist ! Car is incredible ! myframeshop@gmail

  8. we have one sitting behind the garage , 59 nomad all complete 238 powerglide

  9. yes the nomads exist as i own one from each year from 1955 thru 1961 only 4 doors from 58 -61